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Software for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Practitioners

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DEI Project Management

It's critical to have access to the right data before developing your strategic plan. Let Equiscore BI™ help you collect and analyze the DEI data for you!

Data you can trust

Whether you're a DEI consultant with your own practice or a Chief Diversity Officer who works with a team inside of a company, Equiscore BI™  is designed to help you perform all the tasks you need to build DEI data culture in your companies and clients that help measurably improve equity for workers, boards, customers and vendors. 

It starts with collecting the right data! The methodology behind Equiscore BI™ is thoroughly researched, industry-specific and peer-reviewed by a race and gender diverse community of DEI practitioners, HR professionals, lawyers and researchers. Learn more about our peer review committee here.


Tool to collect  DEI data from across the entire company in one place
Process that integrates DEI across business operations where DEI data lives
Industry-specific measure of DEI with disaggregated analysis of DEI drivers
EIA Score™ and an actionable report to guide and track DEI strategy 
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