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Measurably Improve Equity

Build data culture around DEI that enables leaders to make data-driven decisions that methodically and measurably improve DEI in companies over time.
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Introducing Equiscore BI™

A Tool for DEI 

The Equity Brain Trust created Equiscore BI™ to help DEI practitioners perform all the tasks they need to measurably improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the companies they work with. We created a methodology to measure DEI and a software platform to collect and analyze DEI data while engaging leaders across the company in the process.

We built this for you! Now we are building a community of practitioners who want to work together to create the more equitable world we all want and need. 

Our Core Values

What we practice, what we preach

Data-Drive DEI

We take a data-driven approach to measurably improve equity.

Relationship & Collaboration

We facilitate a culturally plural collection of knowledge, skills and perspectives.

Flexibilty & Agility

We have a firm goal of creating a more equitable world but our approach is flexible.

Safety & Trust

We build and maintain trust with our partners, customers and team.


We create a more equitable world by taking an audacious approach.

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